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Please print out the relevant forms, fill them in, and either mail, fax or bring them to your next appointment:

HIPPA Forms:

Sterilization Consent:

Federal "No Surprises Act" (NSA):

Aster OB/GYN is an out of network practice which means that the practice does not have a contract with any health insurance plan.  You may have health benefits that cover out of network services and the practice is fully committed to helping patients access and undestand their benefits.  The providers in the practice believe in partnering with patients in their care, and that includes setting expectations and engaging in full transparency.  For uninsure patients and patients without out of network coverage, the practice will also work with them helping them get affordable high quality care.

Patients can access more information on new protections against surprise medical bills by visiting the CMS website and New York State Department of Financial Services.

Unable to view the forms? Download the latest version of Adobe Reader here.

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