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If your Pap smear comes back with abnormal results, Farris Fahmy, MD, FACOG, Dr. Rachel Roesner, DO, and Dr. Ravikumar of Aster OB/GYN may recommend a digital colposcopy, which is a procedure used to closely examine your cervix. As a practice that features state-of-the-art equipment and procedures, Aster OB/GYN on New York City’s Upper West Side uses the DYSIS® Colposcopy digital imaging system to improve accuracy in pinpointing abnormal tissue. If you need a colposcopy, call the office or book an appointment online for a consultation.

Digital Colposcopy Q & A

What is a digital colposcopy?

A digital colposcopy is a specialized procedure that allows Dr. Fahmy or Dr. Ravikumar to get a closer look at your cervix, vagina, and vulva to inspect for disease using an instrument called a colposcope.

The colposcope is a magnifying instrument with a light that gives Dr. Fahmy or Dr. Ravikumar a closer view of the tissue of your reproductive organs allowing him to inspect the tissue for abnormalities.

Why would I need a colposcopy?

Dr. Fahmy and Dr. Ravikumar may recommend a colposcopy after an abnormal Pap smear or if he found some abnormality during his routine pelvic exam.

The colposcopy is specifically used to diagnose:

  • Cervicitis or inflammation of the cervix
  • Precancerous changes of the vagina, cervix, or vulva
  • Genital warts

What is the DYSIS Colposcope?

As a doctor who likes to offer the most advanced technology to his patients, Dr. Fahmy and Dr. Ravikumar uses the DYSIS Colposcope when performing a colposcopy.

The high-resolution colposcope creates a digital image of the cervical tissue. The DYSIS Colposcope uses special proprietary software to create a map of your tissue to objectively and accurately identify areas that may require further investigation or biopsy.

What can I expect during a colposcopy?

To improve comfort level, Dr. Fahmy and Dr. Ravikumar perform the colposcopy in the office. During the procedure, which takes 10 to 20 minutes, you lie on a gynecological table with your feet in stirrups, as you would during your routine pelvic exam.

To get a better view of your reproductive organs, Dr. Fahmy or Dr. Ravikumar insert a speculum into your vagina, then positions the colposcope to get the desired images. They may need to clean your uterus or vagina with a cotton swab during the procedure to remove mucus to get a better view of your tissue.

If they notice any abnormalities, Dr. Fahmy and Dr. Ravikumar may take a sample of your tissue for a biopsy.

After they closely examine the images from the colposcopy, Dr. Fahmy or Dr. Ravikumar go over the results with you and recommend additional tests or procedures, if needed.

If you’ve had an abnormal Pap test and a colposcopy was recommended, call the office or book an appointment online for accurate testing with the DYSIS Colposcope.

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